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Red Cross University: Disaster Digital Volunteer Training

Welcome to the information page for Disaster Digital Volunteer Training! Please read through the description and requirements carefully before applying for this volunteer position.

NOTE: We are currently on hiatus with the trainings and volunteer applications as we implement some significant changes to our Digital Volunteer training. Please bear with us and look forward to a brand new page soon!

This training is aimed at people who would like to deepen their commitment to using online social tools on behalf of the Red Cross. Disaster Digital Volunteers will report directly to the National Headquarters social engagement team during times of disaster and work as part of the social engagement team to monitor, engage, and report on activity surrounding specific disasters.

When disaster strikes, the social engagement team will call on trained Disaster Digital Volunteers to sign up for shifts. When taking a shift, the Digital Volunteer will be expected to monitor, engage, and report for four (4) continuous hours online. This work can be done remotely.

This role is a good fit for you if:

  • You have good judgment
  • You are extremely empathetic
  • You don’t have a profane, political, or religious filled social presence
  • You are willing to use your personal social presence to act as an official rep of the American Red Cross.
  • You are capable of handling many details at once


Due to the time commitment and technical tools involved in this role, there are a few requirements that you must meet before you can get trained to be a Digital Volunteer.

You must have:

  1. An active Twitter account
  2. An active and regularly checked email account
  3. Intermediate to advanced proficiency in using social media sites
  4. Familiarity with social media monitoring applications and online group collaboration tools (examples: Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, online forums, TeamLab)
  5. The ability to use a computer for at least four (4) continuous hours, including breaks
  6. Access to a computer than can run Adobe Air and the Radian6 Engagement Console software without problems. (System requirements here)

Training Information

6 Responses to “Red Cross University: Disaster Digital Volunteer Training”

  1. wow, so proud to be mentioned here)
    Thank you and hope such platforms as Teamlab could be really useful for such great collaboration projects!

    Teamlab Team

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  3. Just applied to be a volunteer. On your application form, I suggest adding a field at the end where the applicant can leave notes. For example, the application asks if I have a laptop and internet access; I have a tablet and a powerful desktop, but not a laptop. It would be helpful to know which elements are requirements and which are suggestions. Thank you.

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  5. RC disaster training on line has been very time consuming w/o any success, even after following many instructions & problem cures! I am assuming it is keeping MANY likely volunteers at bay & possibly frustrated enough to retire from trying!
    I think you need a plan b or C to document that they are sufficiently trained for next step or temp bypass it for practical mentoring.
    My PC that is also has a touch screen option I do not use has Windows 7 installed as new. I have tried CREAM, IE & Foxfire w/o full success or credits! I know you provided S/W is not fully compatible as I have gotten a back door to it & the check boxes work fine! When will your plan B ( new tested & vetted S/W be ready?

  6. I am keen to be a volunteer for this program.

    [edited to remove personal phone number and email]

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