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Red Cross Month: Marc’s Story of Helping Save Lives Through Blood Donation

In honor of Red Cross Month this March, the American Red Cross celebrates the blood and platelet donors, blood drive coordinators, volunteers and other supporters who make our lifesaving mission possible. Marc Satalof is one dedicated blood donor hoping to inspire others to join him in rolling up a sleeve. Marc’s Inspiring Blood Donation Story […]

This Leap Year, 3 Ways to Make a Day’s Difference

Post by American Red Cross intern, Greta Gustafson Every four years, we are granted an extra day at the end of February: Leap Day. For many of us, this extra day slips by without us recognizing the potential impact a day’s difference can make. Sure, you may get a few more chores done, but it’s […]

What’s Your Superpower?

“If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose?” This occasionally-asked hypothetical question prompts a wide variety of answers, from invisibility and unyielding strength to the ability to fly, read people’s minds and see into the future. My mother’s answer to this question, when asked by her daughters many years ago, came as […]

Valentine’s Day: Love Notes From the Red Cross

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we wanted to share how much you mean to us – and encourage you to pass the love along! Nothing says I love you forever like a lifesaving training class.  Does your loved one check their smoke alarms monthly? It’s all about #2Steps2Minutes. We always knew you were special! Make a […]

Why Do You Save Lives?

I first donated blood as a 17-year-old high school student, motivated more by my desire to skip fifth period European History than to actually make a difference in my community. A few years later I became a regular blood donor, no longer to escape class or work, but as a way to honor the lifesaving […]

From the Archives – African American Leadership in the Red Cross

  African Americans Play Important Leadership Role In Red Cross History From the beginning, African Americans have played an important role in the mission of the American Red Cross. In honor of February’s observance of Black History Month, we salute the accomplishments of some remarkable individuals who paved the way by achieving recognition and prominence […]

The Gift of Life: A Blood Recipient’s Poem of Gratitude

In 1998, Christi Mead Nielsen’s life was first touched by American Red Cross blood donors when she had two valves in her heart replaced. Over the next 12 years, she received more than 50 blood transfusions, all from generous volunteer blood donors. Christi passed away in September 2010 at the age of 47 after many […]

Why Blood Donors Are My Heroes

Post written by Joey Hoffman, mother of a blood recipient. On February 8, 2003, my daughter, Daisy, received her first blood transfusion immediately after birth. It helped save her life – as did countless other transfusions over the years. At eight weeks in utero, Daisy was diagnosed with gastroschisis, a congenital condition in which her […]

If I can give blood, so can you.

Originally written by Vivi Engen, American Red Cross Intern, Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can find the original story here.  Help prevent a seasonal blood supply shortage: A seasonal blood donation decline is common during the summer. Currently, the Red Cross has an urgent need for type AB blood to help replenish the plasma supply. Blood donors […]

International Youth Day: Carolyn’s Powerful Survival Story

August 12 is International Youth Day! And the American Red Cross is celebrating our young partners like Carolyn Strzalka, President of the Red Cross Club at the University of Michigan. Carolyn is a blood recipient, a donor and a Red Cross volunteer. Here’s Carolyn’s Inspiring Story: In high school I was an active student. I […]