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The Office

Last night the Red Cross got a shout out in the latest episode of The Office, which aired on NBC after the Super Bowl.

Michael Scott gathered his staff for a CPR training course after Stanley suffered a heart attack thanks in part to Dwight’s botched fire drill. In typical “Office” fashion, everything went horribly wrong, and even though I thought the episode was hilarious, it did a good job of raising some great points about being prepared in your office for an emergency.

While we don’t recommend starting a fire in your office like Dwight did, there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself and your coworkers safe in a similar emergency.

Our website is full of information about preparedness, and we encourage people to take three easy steps: Make a plan, build a kit, and be informed.

In the case of a fire, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Install smoke alarms on every floor. Test them monthly and change batteries yearly
  • Make an escape plan and practice your plan twice a year
  • Identity an outside meeting place for employees to gather

CPR is more complicated, so that explains why you can’t get the dummy without the instructor as Michael mentioned. But getting trained in certified in CPR/AED/First Aid is easy, and thousands of people every day learn how its done either in their offices or at local Red Cross chapters.

One thing’s for sure. You all were watching and tweeting about this episode last night:

cathydunlap: enjoyed the super bowl last night-enjoyed “The Office” right after the game even more! Gosh! Bill and I laughed so much over the CPR part!!



cerrasponda: last night’s office, Best CPR seminar ever.


AnnaGoBlue: Did any of my Tweeps watch The Office special after the game last night? I keep thinking abt. Dwight defacing the CPR dummy! HYSTERICAL!


mimizhusband: The best scene in last nights The Office was when, during a CPR class, everyone started dancing!


jdstar27: Seriously though, that was probably the best episode of The Office. The funniest part was when Dwight tried to harvest CPR dummy organs.


AJ_BoBayJay: Dwight wearing the CPR dummies face was seriously one of the most funniest Office moments for me thus far


mnix: new Office scene with Dwight doing CPR with a knife funniest scene ever. Had me crying laughing.


SandiHockeyMom: Lovin this Office! I love teachn CPR. (When I get to~:) I hope my first class is as fun!!


susan3325: I hjave never liked the office until tonight!! I will never take a cpr class again without singing stayin alive!!! Hilarious!


joepiehl: @joshmorton Red Cross woman on The Office is hilarious.Definitely something your would appreciate.




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